Save The Future, Outwit An Assassin, Save Your Framed Friend and Many More!



It’s the not to distant future and the world is in chaos. But stay positive dudes, you can fix all this with some Weird Science. Apparently, your father has developed a way to go back in time and fixwhat once went wrong but he has gone missing. It’s now up to you andyour friends to activate the time machine and go back to the 80’s to finish what your father started. Are you ready for a totally excellent adventure? Do you have what it takes to get back to the future and save the world as we know it? Good luck time traveling dudes!



You wake up in a strange room. You look around and see the other members of your CIA investigative team who were recently assigned a mission to track down the infamous assassin named, “The Gamer.”

He’s known for toying with and disposing of those who attempt to catch him and has never failed to carry out his assignments. The Gamer is widely considered the most dangerous assassin alive as he considers his opponents pawns that can be sacrificed in his game.

The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. When you awoke, you’re stuck in a room with your team and a timer is counting down. What does that mean? Can you figure out where you are, why you’re there and a way out before the clock hits zero? Will your team be the next pawn sacrificed?



Your friend has been convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend. He was sentenced to execution by Gas Chamber.

In his final hour, he still maintains that he’s been framed for the murder, but no one will believe him. The person who set him up has planted a bomb to destroy all evidence of his innocence. Time is running out as the bomb is set to explode and the gas is due to be released, sending your friend to his death.

You and his closest friends are his last chance of survival. Do you have what it takes to defuse the bomb, find a way to break into prison and disable the gas chamber before it activates? You are his last hope! Good Luck.

Order of Illusionists


From the moment you wanted to become an illusionist, you have heard stories of a secret society of master magicians. No one knows who they are, who is a member or how to become one. You have finally been contacted and given instructions. You must pass a series of tests handed down to you from the best illusionists ever to live. Can you prove yourself worthy? If you do, you will forever be a member of the Order of Illusionists! Good Luck.


Uncover the turth before it's too late!

The manager of an art museum is being accused of stealing a valuable painting. He claims he is innocent and has called you in to help him prove his innocence. You have 1 hour before he will be taken in and charged with the crime. Your mission is to recover the stolen painting and find out who the real thief is. Good Luck! 

Principal's Office

Can you avoid being suspended from school?

Your teacher warned you time and again to pay attention. You didn’t listen to her and wanted to have fun and play on your phone. Now you find yourself in the principals office about to be suspended and have this incident put on your permanent record. 

You are good kids and the principal doesn’t want to suspend you if possible. He has made a deal, if you can learn his lesson he is trying to teach you and prove it, he will not suspend you and you can go back to class. 

Do you have what it takes to work with your friends to avoid being suspended? Good Luck!